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You get to play as a team of puppies who want to destroy the evil cat king, who has been treating dogs as if they are lesser animals. Well, they’re normally games which captivate you and take you into a new world, one full of story, characters and often puzzles for you to enjoy. If you’ve been looking for the best adventure games for Android then look no further, you’ve found the best place. We’ve collected together a list of the biggest and best games which’ll take you beyond the horizon, to explore a world quite dissimilar to our own. Although it has a 2D animation, the amount of details in this game is the most attractive thing you would ever see.

It has now grown into the largest beach resort town in Delaware. This small Victorian-style beach town knows how to cater to families. Throughout the summer, the city puts on a number of recreational activities for families including arts & crafts days, children’s entertainment at the bandstand and ocean education activities. If you want an all-American boardwalk, salt water taffy, small-town style holiday, Rehoboth Beach might be the destination for you. Alabama’s Gulf Shores boasts 3.5 miles of unspoiled white sand beaches.

Splash Harbour Water Park

If you’re hooked on podcasts, this app is for you. If you want a better sense of how you’re sleeping at night, Sleep As Android takes a science-based approach to sleep tracking. The app can work with the sensors on your Android device and even with other wearables to monitor the quality of your sleep, finding the optimal time to wake you up in the morning. Integrations with other apps let you control supported smart light bulbs or incorporate captchas or music from Spotify into your morning alarms.

Unlock the door, visit the prison yard and solve puzzles. The game also takes you to various locations in the prison, areas like the yard, dining room, helipad and more. There are a total of 8 locations for you to freely explore. Available now on the ABC Kids listen app or wherever you get your podcasts.

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For both land and sea adventures, you can’t beat the 50th state. Cutting out the clutter of a beach trip will absolutely give your images a more editorial and stylized look. I am in no way suggesting not to pack all the coolers and bags. However, when it comes time to capture that perfect beach image, leave them out of the shot. Try having all the beach chairs, towels, and fun floats behind you or off to the side so they’re not in all your images.

  • Beach activities apart, you can enjoy golf, tennis, shopping, boating and even croquet at The Breakers, along with excellent staff service and hospitality.
  • Our sprightly youngsters just can’t get enough of Fun Warehouse.
  • So we worry that they might get a bit carried away in surroundings that are potentially dangerous.
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