V2 Cigs

V2 Cigs

Everyone’s favorite e-cigarette business, V2, has recently closed its doors; fill up on your V2 items as they past! Shopping for an alternative solution to V2 Cigs? Take a look at Vuse Vapor only at Electrical Tobacconist, or find V2 products that are compatible Premium or Mig Vapor!

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About V2

V2 is a pioneering American electronic smoke brand name having a reputation that is worldwide. V2 is recognized as a brand name frontrunner in terms of vapor production, style, number of flavors and quality control. V2 e-cigarettes are offered in over 40,000 stores in america and they are the next many popular brand name in America. V2 Cigs may be the flagship brand of VMR Products LLC.

The V2 Cigs Number

V2 is the one of the very few US brands to own produced a range that is popular of cartomizer refills and e-liquid refills, along with associated hardware. The cartomizer refills are really popular while having added greatly to your success for the brand name, maybe not least due to the fact flavors within them are of regularly top quality.

V2 invest heavily in e-cigarette research and development, causing them having one of most popular ranges that are e-cigarette the usa.

V2 Cartridges

V2 cartridge refills are easy and smooth to screw on your e-cigarette. The Electrical Tobacconist United States Of America has both Tobacco and Menthol cartomizers, two of the most extremely popular flavor pages.

Just how long do V2 cartridges final when available?

We advice you utilize your V2 cartridges within fourteen days of opening, if the packaging remains unopened, these refills will last anything as much as couple of years if held in a very good, dry destination.

After you have possessed a browse at our V2 refills section, take a look at our vape juice section. This is the department for you if you prefer to use liquid.

Internationally Interest In the V2 Cigs Brand

Currently a leading brand name in the usa, V2 gained this kind of following from abroad it exposed its digital doors in 2013 to a European web site with satisfaction based away from France. Continue reading “V2 Cigs”